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Every year, homeowners living in and around San Diego, CA decide to remove their backyard swimming pool. The reasons for filling in a pool can range from the danger it poses to pets and children, a need for more space in the backyard, or to make a home easier to sell. Many homeowners choose to remove their pool simply because they no longer want to deal with the constant maintenance that all pools require.

Regardless of the reason, when it comes to getting rid of your swimming pool, you want the work to be done by experts. Fortunately, our professionally trained technicians are San Diego’s number one choice for swimming pool removal! Through years of removing and filling in pools, our team of San Diego pool demolition professional have all the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to get the job done right every time.

Our San Diego pool demolition professionals are committed to making sure you are satisfied with your swimming pool demolition. We’ll work with you to make sure your pool removal experience is as quick and painless as possible.

We are more than happy to handle everything your project requires from the planning stages and permit acquisition, right down to the final inspection. So, give us a call to schedule your in-home estimate today!

backyard after a pool demolition in San Diego

Before Pool Demolition

before the pool demolition process

During Pool Demolition

during the pool demolition process

After Pool Demolition

after the pool demolition process is complete
bobcat working on a pool removal

Our 8 Step Pool Demolition Process:

1) Developing a plan to demolish your pool: We work with you to figure out what will be added to the space where your pool or spa used to be. This gives us a better idea of what to prepare for.

2) Obtaining necessary demolition permits: With our team of San Diego pool demolition experts, you’ll never have to worry about obtaining your own permits. We’ll take care of everything for you to make the process as efficient as possible.

3) Draining the Pool itself: We’ll see to it that all remaining water in the pool is fully drained, checked for toxicity, and disposed of properly, all of which is in line with the city of San Diego’s Stormwater regulation.

4) Disconnecting your electric, gas, and plumbing lines: By making sure to disconnect any power, gas, or plumbing lines that may be connected to your swimming pool, we’re keeping ourselves and our work space free of any potential accidents. This saves you from any potential liability hassles.

5) Placing holes in strategic points along the base and walls: From years of experience, we’ve come up with the most practical and efficient way to break down a swimming pool.

6) Backfilling, grading, and compacting the job site: By far the most intensive portion of any project, this is where our expertise truly sets us apart from the competition.

7) Removing all remaining debris: After breaking up the debris into the smallest pieces possible, we load it into trucks and haul it to the nearest recycling plant.

8) The final clean up and inspection: We make it a point to clean up after ourselves, leaving no indication of the swimming pool that used to be there.

The Cost Of Removing A Pool In San Diego, California

Pricing for a swimming pool removal in San Diego is based on a number of factors:

  • The materials used to build the pool
  • Proximity of the nearest recycling plant
  • The length, width, and depth of your pool
  • Local codes on how to remove materials, what to do with remaining debris, and fill requirements
  • The amount of space the excavator has on the job site
  • Whether the pool is inground or above ground
  • Whether it will be a full or partial pool removal

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What Our Clients Say

San Diego Pool Demolition is professional, reasonably priced, and they get their work done when they say they will. Highly recommend!

John T.

They finished the work when they said they would and didn’t go over budget. I would definitely work with them again.

Mary O.

They are really good at what they do. They completed my demolition project within the time frame they originally set they promised and also gave me some great suggestions for future work.

Mark S.,

I don’t really do reviews but I had to for these guys. Their prices are affordable and their team definitely knows what they’re doing. Very pleased with the completed work.

Josh D.

FAQs About Swimming Pool Demolition

Do I need a soils compaction test?2019-06-07T00:17:47+00:00

If you’re planning on building a structure or housing addition over the grounds where your swimming pool used to be located, a soil compaction test and report will be necessary regardless of where you are living in San Diego.

Will my home value be affected by a pool demolition?2019-06-07T00:15:36+00:00

If you’ve had your pool completely removed, it is unlikely that there will be any negative effect on the value of your home. Getting rid of your backyard swimming pool might even make your home more attractive to potential buyers who do not want the responsibility of a pool on their property. On the other hand, a partial pool demolition could discourage potential buyers with backyard aspirations.

How long should I wait to start landscaping after my pool demolition?2019-06-07T00:13:35+00:00

There is no need to wait! You can start landscaping immediately after the pool removal process is finished.

Can You Remove My Pool?2019-06-06T22:01:47+00:00

Yes. We offer: 

  • Indoor pool demolition
  • Fiberglass pool removal
  • Inground pool removal
  • Vinyl swimming pool demolition
  • And More!
How long does the removal process take?2019-06-06T21:43:04+00:00

Depending on the availability of the local city inspectors, this process can take anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

Do I Need a Pool Demolition Permit?2019-06-06T21:41:23+00:00

Yes. The price for a pool demolition permit varies from city to city, but generally, fees range from $100 to $750. Don’t worry though, our team will handle the entire permit application process for you.

What is Partial Pool Demolition?2019-06-06T22:02:50+00:00

A partial pool demolition involves adding a foot or so of gravel to the bottom of the pool then demolishing the sides and mixing it with clean fill dirt. We then cap all water, sewer, and power lines, remove any remaining electrical pool equipment, then compact the dirt. After the dirt is compacted, it is graded.

If you’re not planning to build a new structure on top of your former pool site, then filling it in this way would be a more cost effective option that still allows for landscaping and gardening in the future. Every city in the San Diego area doesn’t allow partial fill ins, however, so contact us for up to the date information. 

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