Pool Demolition in El Cajon

Pool demolition in El Cajon is becoming more popular as homeowners realize that pools can cost more than they’re worth in money, time and legal liability. Getting a pool demolition is much simpler than you may expect and can offer you some unexpected benefits.

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The Real Cost of Your Pool

After you’ve had a pool for some months, you’ll notice that you are your children, if you have any, don’t use it quite as much. You don’t have pool parties as much as you thought, or, if your children have grown up, maybe no one uses your pool at all.

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Even if you still use the pool occasionally, it takes a lot of investment. Here are just some of the ways your pool costs you:

  • Pool chemicals: Pool chemicals, especially chlorine are not cheap. Plus, it seems like they are inventing new chemicals for you to add all of the time. Stabilizers and algaecide might help you keep your pool in better condition, but they also add to the cost of maintaining your pool.
  • Electricity bills: Running your pool heater, pump and filter all inflate your electricity bill. It’s not like you can save money by temporarily turning them off, or your water will get gross and you’ll need to buy more chemicals to make up for the pause.
  • Water bills: In El Cajon, and the rest of California, water bills can be quite expensive. Plus, you could easily violate a water use restriction if you need to add water to your pool.
  • Repairs: There are many moving parts involved in a pool. The filter, heater and pump need regular repairs. Never mind the lining of your pool itself, which may crack and need to be resealed.

The truth it, there are much less expensive ways to swim. In El Cajon, there are plenty of public pools you and the kids can use, or you can head to the ocean. The best part is you don’t have to clean, repair and maintain anything to swim.

How Pool Demolition Works

If you decide that your pool is no longer worth it, the quick and professional team at San Diego Pool Demolition can remove it for you. We take care of every aspect of the process, including:

  • Getting the permits: We handle the permits required to remove your pool.
  • Draining your pool: We dispose of water according to San Diego’s Stormwater regulation.
  • Disconnect your utilities: Your electric, plumbing and gas lines all need to be capped.
  • Removing the pool: We know the most efficient way to break up your pool.
  • Back-filling and grading: We grade your new lawn perfectly depending on what you want to use it for.

Removing debris: We remove all of the debris from your backyard and recycle what is recyclable.

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What If You Want to Sell Your Home?

Will removing a pool reduce the value of your home? Actually, some potential home buyers prefer homes without pools. Plus, you can put a new feature where your pool used to be that can increase your home value.

Reach out to us for pool demolition in El Cajon today and stop sinking money into your pool.

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