Pool Demolition in Santee

Are you tired of maintaining your swimming pool? Unless you’re an avid, daily swimmer, most people can save time, money, and headache by getting a pool demolition and heading to a public pool when you feel like swimming. With us, getting a pool demolition in Santee is safe, quick, and headache-free. Here is why you should consider a pool removal, and what it entails.

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What About My Home Value?

Many people who want to get their pool removed are worried that it might affect their home value. Did you know that adding an inground pool to a home is unlikely to increase your home’s value? For the same reason, getting rid of a pool is unlikely to decrease its value. You can safely remove your pool if you want, without impacting your prospects when it comes time to sell.

In fact, certain buyers prefer homes without pools, for all of the same reasons that you might want to remove yours. Maybe they have young kids and think a pool is a safety issue. Or perhaps they are busy with their careers and don’t want to waste time and money maintaining a pool. Your property is sure to be more attractive to these buyers without a pool.

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Why Consider a Pool Removal?

There are many surprising ways you can benefit from a pool demolition, including:

  • Save water
  • Lower utility bills
  • Stop buying pool chemicals
  • Stop maintaining pool equipment
  • Stop replacing broken pool equipment
  • Lower liability and prevent accidents
  • Make the home safer for children and pets
  • Have more space for entertaining or gardening
  • Erect a shed or other structure in your yard
  • Save time and energy you’d spend on the pool

How Does a Pool Demolition Work?

Once you’re ready for your pool demolition, our team will take care of everything. Here’s how it works:

  • Plan: We need to know what you plan on doing with the space that your pool frees up, so we know if we need to perform a soil compaction test and will help us prepare for the demolition.
  • Permits: A pool demolition in Santee requires a permit. We will handle the application and permit process for you.
  • Drain: The first step in the actual removal is to drain the water and dispose of it according to local by-laws.
  • Disconnection: Your pool may have a gas line, electrical line, and plumbing connection. All need to be safely closed before the demolition can begin.
  • Removal: Next, we drill holes into the pool and remove it piece by piece. With our years of experience, we know how to do this efficiently.
  • Fill the hole: It may sound simple, but filling in the hole in your backyard is complex. We backfill the hole with the right materials, grade it, and compact it to make a stable surface.
  • Remove debris: We handle the proper disposal of all your pool debris according to local law. Typically, we recycle most of it.
  • Inspection: We co-ordinate with the city inspector to finalize your removal and clean up after ourselves.

Are you concerned about your pool demolition in Santee? Reach out to us to discuss it today.

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